Saturday, April 26, 2008

BBC: Blood, Sweat and T-shirts video

After long, hard work, do the brits pass the test?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

BBC: Blood, Sweat and T-shirts video

Georgina asks owners why the workers are paid so little.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BBC: Blood, Sweat and T-shirts

Six young fashion addicts swap shopping on the high street with working in India’s cotton fields and clothes factories. Can they handle a sewing machine and meet the target of two garments a minute? And will their experience change their throwaway attitude to clothes shopping?

In this four-part series lunches Aprill 22nd, the six work in the mills of India’s cotton belt and stitch clothes in cramped back rooms, sleeping next to their sewing machine. See how it changes their attitudes to cut-price clothing.

I'll try to dig up some youtube videos of the series.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Econista Earth Day

Ok guys, it's time to get serious about the green movement. Econista's love to look good and do good for the environment, but ultimately, buying green cloths isn't going to do much for mother earth. It's more a vote for the earth than actually doing something.

Since most of my friends are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, I think this year is a great time to really do something for the environment - do something about these diapers people!

I have a girlfriend who, before she gave birth to her second child, did sided by side tests of all cloth diapers. After months of tests (and hundreds of dollars worth of investment) her conclusion, hands down, was BUM GENIUS DIAPERS!

She gave me a hands-on demonstration of this amazing diaper and now I can't stop talking about them.

1) they're waterproof shell really is leak proof, and come in fashionable colors for the discerning Econista.

2) elastic legs, velcro tabs make these high tech - not old fashioned - cloth diapers.

3) the stain proof, high-tech wick-away liner truly is amazing. Not only does it keep baby's bum dry, it doesn't stain. The sample she was showing me was spotless and when I asked how they look after they've been used, she said the one I was holding has been used at least a hundred times - it looked brand new! And, she said, that there's an e-bay market for used ones, that's how reusable they are!!

4) One size! You buy them once and they work for newborns through 35lb baby. They have snaps that help them size and inserts for new babies... now that's a money saver because who wants to buy multiple sizes?

5) the absorbent insert can handle the job.

Bum Genius Diapers are not made from sustainable materials because they want the diapers to have superior performance. But what is not organic cotton, is highly environmental in this case because cloth diapers save 6000 plastic diapers per child from going into the land fill for 500 years. Now how can we not use them?

The original investment might be hard to swallow ($18 each) but if you ask friends and family to buy some for your shower instead of those cute (made in China) toys, you'll have a head start. And, over the course of your child's diaper-wearing life, you will save at least $1000 in the long run, if not more (if you have a poopy baby).

By using these diapers, Econistas are creating a world for their children that is healthier, cleaner and more responsible. Isn't that what we all hope and wish for our kids anyway? Let's do it for real not just on Earth Day, but everyday.

(disclaimer: I did this post a few days after Earth Day because I wanted to do a post that was truly meaningful and proactive.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Adidas Originals Grün

Ok, I guess this is a week where all my posts are for my husband's wardrobe. First the Culture Skate hemp wear, now Adidas hemp sneaks. My husband bought the first pair of their hemp sneaks years ago and since then scours the internet and stores for the hemp ones that pop up every now and then. But not anymore honey, Adidas Originals is coming out with a line called Grün that aims to better the environment by efficiently utilizing the natural resources of this world. With three guiding elements of “Made From”, “Recycled” and “Reground”, adidas Grün offers a range of products, including classic silhouettes like the Forum basketball sneaker and the ZX 500 runner, all made from recycled and natural materials. The shoe below is made from suede details on a jude/hemp with gum rubber souls with flakes of rice husks for grip. You can buy the shoes at the (keyword search Grün).

The Satori Movement at Culture Skate

A new skate shop opened up around the corner from my house in San Francisco. I finally went in and bam, was hit with a whole series of hemp, bamboo and organic cotton wears. Most of the clothing was for men (there was yoga wear for women), but the fabrics and colors were very appealing. The hemp blends are textured and heavy in a satisfying way while some of their warm hoodies are lined with fleece made from recycled drink bottles. They carry some baggy hemp blended jeans along with printed hemp T's, cute skull caps and hemp polo shirts. Their website, really doesn't do their products justice but if you're buying a gift for a guy, one of their hemp long sleeves like the one above is a good gamble (that's the one my husband bought).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Asia goes green too

The Eco Chic Fashion Show organized by green2greener was held at a South Jakarta hotel last month and is the first in a series of planned events that are aimed at raising environmental awareness throughout Asia. Fashion designers from across Indonesia and Hong Kong pulled together a show that displayed designs that were not only environmentally friendly, but also were inspired by nature. A dress by Tuti, for example, explores the blossoming of a butterfly from caterpillar with wings and all. Other designers used waste and vintage fabrics, found objects such as microchips and beer cans, natural materials like pandanus leaves and corn husks.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Barney's and Loomstate Team Up

As part of the Season 2 kick-off of "The Green" on Sundance Channel, the network has partnered with Barneys New York and the eco-chic fashion brand Loomstate to launch a first of its kind, national T-shirt recycling program. Beginning April 13th, consumers will be encouraged to drop off old t-shirts at all Barneys' locations nationwide. Loomstate will "re-fashion" the T-shirts (re-style, re-dye, re-print, etc.) to create a new, limited edition T-shirt collection to be sold exclusively at Barneys for Holiday 2008. Participating consumers will receive a 20% discount on women's Loomstate for Barneys Green and men's Loomstate merchandise from April 13-27. Proceeds from the program will benefit 1% for the Planet.

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Eco-fabrics and technologies at Material World

This week in Miami, Material World is exposing some new eco-fabrics. This American convention for textile manufacturers shares with attendees everything from fabrics, to trim, yarns, machines to make fabrics, fabric printing technologies and much more.

This year, a few eco-conscious exhibitors include:

Carr Textile will introduce a new stocked line of 100% Organic cotton twill in 24 colors. Carr Textile’s new Organic cotton is grown chemical-free. To whiten the fibers Carr Textile uses hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine bleach. In addition, the dyeing process of the fabric is also certified to be safe for the environment meeting OEKO-TEX standard 100. Carr Textile uses low impact fiber reactive dyes instead of traditional dyestuffs such as sulfa or heavy metal dyes.

Insta Graphic Systems will introduce its new PVC-free Litho to its existing line of eco-friendly heat transfers. Insta’s new solvent and phthalate-free, PVC Litho transfer is a four color process transfer designed for graphics that are photographic in nature and incorporate blending color.

Solid Stone Fabrics has developed a new environmentally friendly technique for printing novelty and active apparel fabrics. E-Foil will apply the same foil and films to fabrics with no harmful gases and all by products are completely recyclable. The fabrics are machine-washable and the bond between the fabric and film is much stronger. This technique also allows base fabrics to be processed domestically, thereby reducing lead times and minimums.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Emily Katz

Emily Katz designs simple basics that offer a dash of sweet and sexy. Made from recycled hemp denim, the sweetheart wrap dress above is a daring dress to wear, exposing cleavage while wrapped in an otherwise simple and conservative sillhoute. The lightweight coat made from the same demin is great for spirng, with a flaired skirt and tailored breast and shoulders, the sillhouette is again flirty but simple. You can buy her pieces off of Etsy or look for her line in retailers nationwide.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sustainable Collective

Sustainable Collective by Convoy is sassy, fun and sexy with the edginess that has come to be known as the LA look. Based in SoCal, this line addresses so many of the issues important to Econista including sweatshop free production, recycled tagging and packaging and at times even using natural dies like tea. The dresses shown here are made of organic cotton jersey and hemp-silk trim and reclaimed buttons. They were one of the few American lines to be invited to show at the 2007 Ethical PR show in Paris and have since gained international press. Check them out.