Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No Commitment Consumption

Ok, so I'm torn about the sustainability of this concept. Like so many things in this complicated world, there are trade offs, one good has an evil.

So Bag Borrow or Steal is a website that's kicking off an intriguing idea. You pay a monthly membership fee and you can borrow up to 3 items at a time from their website. A Prada bag, trendy diamond jewelery, and even vintage couture accessories. You can borrow items for as long as you want without late feels. Not a bad concept. You never really own the items, but your always in season. You can dress for success for meetings or events without spending the thousands of dollars it takes to look like a million. But, it's not cheap. For the Couture membership - $175 per month while the Trendsetter membership is $25. If you are a Trendsetter member, you can still choose from the couture collection, but you will be charged an extra weekly fee for that item.

This is an interesting alternative for econistas... at least i think it is (email me with your opinion on this one). By renting items, you're sharing the environmental impact of this item with others, you're not seriously perpetuating a low production high profit industry but you still get to keep up with Mrs. Jones. My only hesitation about full endorsement comes at carbon footprint issue - the shipping back and forth of goods. For women who work in sales or who are executives but who care about the environment, I could see this as a great alternative - put on the appearance without committing to the consumption. Take a look, maybe it makes sense with your lifestyle.

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