Friday, August 1, 2008

Gone Stitchin'

Before I know it, another week has flown by and econista has gone without love. So what to do when neglecting something? Why sew a personalized hankey! Sublime Stitching is a site that offers a great range of embroidery patterns to satisfy today's DIY itch. Their tagline says it all "this ain't your grandma's embroidery!"

With patterns that have a tatoo flair, you can customize an old pair of jeans and make them into something hip and different. Why not take a cheap, plain hoody and personalize it to make it that funky gift you're looking for? While surfing the site, you start to think of all the fun ways to breath life into everyday things. Themes range from pieces of sushi to unicorns, travel to camping, nice girl to bad girl motifs and more. You can buy starter kits, patterns, instructional books and supplies to get you going. Why not try it, you might just see what grandma loved about it?

Here's a fun econista idea - Trading Stiches: get together with a friend and trade on old piece of clothing, embroider something for them and give it back.

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